FAQ’s about DBS checks

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About our DBS checks and our portal

We have a really modern and simple to use system. You are in total control of your DBS checks. If you transfer your custom to CSS you don't have to repeat your current DBS checks.


How much do you charge or the processing of a DBS?

We aim to keep our DBS's as cost effective as possible at £8.50 inc vat per check. You don't need to do your DBS update service through us. Volunteers can sign up to the update service free of charge within 19 days of receiving their certificate. Volunteers have the choice to register with the update service. you cannot insist. If you require the update service the cost of our checks increases to £12.00 inc.VAT

Can I change from my current provider?

Yes you can, as a church you can choose who you purchase your services from. You are unable to "transfer" DBS's from one umbrella organisation to another but in keeping your single central record, you will already be in possession of your DBS information.

There are no regulatory requirements to stay with the same umbrella organisation to process your DBS checks.

How do we pay?

We invoice you at the end of every month for the DBS's that have gone through the system.

Can we have multiple ID verifiers on the DBS account?

You can, however its wise to limit this number because the information is sensitive information, we would advise 3/4 people.

I am a Safeguarding Lead with oversight of a few of our churches, can I have oversight over all our churches DBS's ?

Yes you can! We can easily set it up so that you have a super user account.

Help ! I've forgotten my password or I need to reset my password -

You can do this by going into the portal. You will either have an administrator account or an ID verifier account.

Both accounts have the same access level, it just allows multiple users onto the account. Enter your user name, click on "click here to reset password". You will be emailed a new password. Check your spam.

HELP! I've been locked out of my account

As a security measure, you do need to change your password on the portal every 60 days, regardless whether you have regularly, logged in or not. You will get also a reminder.

TEXT - 07851 549922 with RESET PASSWORD - Text your NAME and the NAME OF YOUR CHURCH and we will be able to unlock your account remotely.

The system keeps telling me the Driving Licence is invalid

This is the most common error. The driving licence contains all the initials of the applicant. Check that the applicant has included their middle name in their application form. If the applicant hasn't, then the system will automatically reject the ID check as the re is a discrepancy with the ID and the application form.

Also, if you have entered multiple names in the initial set on one line up of the original application and the applicant doesn't correct the names on the correct lines, the driving licence will not go through as a form of ID.

E.g Incorrect entry

Surname :Harrison

Forename: Susan Ruth Hannah

Middle name 1:

Middle name 2

Middle name 3:

Correct Entry

Surname: Harrison

Forename :Susan

Middle name 1: Ruth

Middle Name 2: Hannah

Middle name 3:

The applicant needs to go back in and insert their middle names. You, as ID verifier can also do so provided you have the ID verification, by going into the application form link next to the applicants name on the portal dashboard.


We have been discouraging churches from signing up with us to the update service , this is to keep the cost lower than our competitors when volunteers can sign up FREE to the update service themselves. This costs churches nothing, so no need to pay us when it can cost you nothing.

Please note Should you disable the "subscription not required" there will be an additional charge of £3.50 per DBS check to the update service added to your account.

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