Using the DBS system

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Here is a another Powerpoint walkthrough with narration to help you use the secure DBS system

There are just 3 easy steps

Step One: As an administrator, you set your applicant up on your own portal.

  • You fill in the applicants job role and the name of your organisation,
  • Fill in their surname then first name
  • Create a user name for your applicant. However you do this is up to you suggestion - initials of church and applicants initials followed by year. (e.g applicant Sue Harrison from Grace Church Loughborough would be GCLSH2021)
  • Click to box to create a password
  • Add your applicants email address and press submit
  • The applicant is now notified that they are requested to fill in their application form

Step Two: The applicant fills in their form and submits the form, you are then notified of the completion

Step Three: You log into your portal to do the ID check. The check can be done over zoom. You must see your applicant in possession of their original documents. Fill in the details of the ID and submit the form to the DBS.

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