Responding Well to Allegations, Complaints and Disclosures

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A brand new training session to support church leaders and trustees to manage an allegation.

In the session we will also cover handle complaints.

Feedback from January's session

Thanks Paul and Sue - A very useful session.
I was pleasantly surprised at the clarity structure and huge content of the course, careful to concentrate on the matter in hand and not be distracted by peripheral issues. Super ability to take and give answers to questions on the fly. Crystallising many things I have thought but not known for sure. Helping me be sure about the difference between safeguarding concern, allegation, whistleblowing and complaint. and the different ways to work out about a threshold having been crossed or not and then what to do. Excellent.” Church Leader

Duration : 3 hours

Target Audience: Trustees and church leaders/officers HR and Senior Managers

Course Aim: Managing an allegation can be a really difficult and stressful situation for all concerned. This session is to help you understand the whole process from receiving the initial allegation, recording and reporting and through to its conclusion. 

Handling a complaint can be equally as difficult, this is where we need to ensure that our policies and governing documents for church order are fit for purpose.

We will take you through - sub threshold allegations where an allegation doesn't meet statutory reporting and also statutory reporting

  •  How to manage an allegation. 
  • dealing with the shock and the emotion
  • managing others
  • HR processes
  • Other processes

• How to report. 

  • Statutory threshold for reporting 

• Who to report to. 

• The role of the LADO

  • How the church works with the Local Authority and the Police 

• Supporting the staff member or volunteer . 

  • Pastoral responsibilities supporting families

• Managing the reputational risk 

Delivered within a Biblical and legal framework

Having worked in a local authority, managed and investigated allegations against staff in schools and volunteers through his LADO role, as well as leading on investigations or allegations that are below statutory threshold for churches, Paul shares the learning on how church and charities should act and manage allegations against a person working with children & young people and vulnerable adults at risk of abuse, how you manage the risks as well as the potential risk to church reputation through having robust systems and processes in place.

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