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You don't have to be a paid member in order to use the DBS Service  

We are able to provide an E-bulk Disclosure and Barring Service to churches, charities and faith based organisations

How our system can help you

✔️Its free to use - you don't have to be a paid member

✔️Its' 100% secure

✔️Its fast - some DBS's can be processed within the same working day

✔️Its bespoke to you and accessible 24/7

✔️We can give you training and support - online training, webinar or zoom, even out of hours

✔️Its in real time - you are kept informed of progress at every step

✔️The processing fee for DBS checks is £8:50 per application including VAT.

**There is a different charge for Access NI and PVG checks in Scotland, please phone the DBS hot desk line for details 07851 549922

There are 2 elements to the charges for DBS checks:

  • Element 1
    • The DBS charge for checks for those in paid roles and we pass on that element of the charge at cost price
    • The DBS do not make a charge for checks for voluntary roles but we charge a processing fee
  • Element 2
    • We charge a £8.50 processing fee per check (inclusive of VAT) to process DBS checks whether for a paid or voluntary roles

For charges levied by the DBS Service please click here

Please complete the form below to register for DBS checks. You can also contact Rebekah at the DBS hot desk on 07851 549922

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