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Paul Harrison

Family dynamics Married for 34 years, we have 4 grown up children and 8 grandchildren

Where in the country are your based? Loughborough, Leicestershire

How long have you been Christian, what were your influencers?

I became a Christian quite young at 7 years of age and baptised at 14. My early influencers were my parents who were in ministry in a Liverpool church until we moved to Rhyl and then Rothley in Leicestershire. As a teenager, I read books from a wide range of christian writers, Tozer, Martin Lloyd Jones, systematic theologies including Boice to name a few. I was influenced by a number of older godly folk in the church who actively encouraged me in my faith.

Your role within your church? As an Elder in our church, my role is to ensure that we teach truth, we grow the next generation and to care for all in the church

What do you do/ in your professional life? Before I came out of Local Authority I worked for Nottingham City Council, managing and investigating allegations mainly in schools. I was part of the LADO Team. This also involved investigating cases including where churches were involved.

Before that, I was responsible for the setting up and managing 8 Sure Start Childrens Centres in a district of Leicestershire with the highest number of children on the child protection register and those families with greatest needs. I managed team across the district. This involved working with teenage parents, domestic abuse, family crisis and child protection services. I was senior designated lead for the programme across the locality and I was the project manager for the Early Support programme for disabled children.

Your areas of expertise and knowledge/passionate areas? I'm passionate about systematic theology and applying my knowledge and expertise into church context. I am also passionate that churches get their safeguarding right.

How did you become involved with Christian Safeguarding Services?

I founded CSS with Sue. We combined both our professional knowledge, skills and experiences, with our pastoral work in church, where we had dealt with some situations that needed to be signposted outside of the church. We were approached by a number of churches and umbrella organisations to support them with various issues and its just grown from there.

Sue Harrison

Family dynamics As above, so married to Paul and our children have all flown the nest 3 live in the UK and one in the States.

Where in the country are you based? Loughborough, Leicestershire

How long have you been Christian, what were your influencers? I have been a Christian for 40 years. I was brought up in a christian home where my father was a pastor of two churches in Liverpool. I guess my influencers were my parents and our family friends.

Your role within your church I am a church officer and treasurer, I'm part of the worship leaders team and support Paul in is role as an Elder at Grace Church Loughborough

What do you/did in your professional life? I am the manager of Children's Social Care Learning & Development team, responsible for our newly qualified social workers development programme. I manage the team who deliver all the safeguarding to all our children's workforce.

Your areas of expertise and knowledge/passionate areas? My expertise is in safeguarding and themes such as domestic abuse, neglect, trauma, FASD, brain development and mental health. I am also an accredited mental health first aid trainer.

How you became involved with Christian Safeguarding Services ?

Well, I joint founded it with Paul !

Andy Wyatt

Family dynamics  Married for 36 years to Maggie, we have 2 grown-up children and two small grandchildren who live nearby.

Where in the country you are based? On the edge of south-west London.

How long you’ve been a Christian, what were your influencers etc ?

I have been a Christian for 46 years. My early influences were Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones, later on I came to appreciate also the ministries of Dick Lucas and John Stott.

Your role within your church Elder and trustee in relatively new church plant (Emmanuel Epsom, 4 years old), from the King’s Church, Chessington, where I was an elder for 25 years.

What you do/did in your professional life ? I was a qualified social worker, later becoming a senior manager for several local authorities’ Childrens’ Services Departments, before going on to work as a senior inspector for Ofsted. I retired in 2018.

Your area of expertise and knowledge/passionate areas ? I have been involved in the safeguarding of children throughout my professional career and have in parallel been involved in leadership in the local church. I am passionate about helping churches safeguard vulnerable churches and adults.

How you became involved in CSS ? I became involved around 2 years ago and am a trustee for the charity.

Judith Layzell

Family dynamics I live with my husband John.  We have two adult sons who have flown the nest.

Where in the country you are based Farnborough, Hampshire

How long you’ve been a Christian, what were your influencers etc?

I became a Christian in my late teens and have grown in faith through university, church involvement and Bible college.  John was a Baptist minister for more than 20 years before his retirement; we ministered in North  London and here in Farnborough.  We are now both involved in a church planting enterprise on a new housing development near where we live.  Discerning how to support people to become disciples in an entirely new context is an exciting process.

Your role within your church We are a very small group so each of us has a significant role, doing whatever is necessary. I tend to do administration as well as being  involved in leading a group exploring the Beatitudes and their implications for the way we live.

What you do/did in your professional life?  I have been a Probation Officer for all my working life, most recently training others in that role and delivering learning events including in child safeguarding and domestic abuse.  I have retired and then returned to work a few times! - and have maintained my interest in and concern for training in child safeguarding throughout.

Your area of expertise and knowledge/passionate areas?  I have long been concerned that churches and Christian groups should work to the highest standards of safeguarding and caring for everyone.  Reflecting God’s character, churches welcome everyone and this can pose particular challenges when we have both people who are at risk and those who might pose a risk in our congregations.  I want to be involved in supporting churches to navigate these issues with integrity and clarity of thought.

How you became involved in CSS? I met Paul (Harrison) at the Christian Resources Exhibition in 2019, when we were serving on adjacent stands.  In conversation we established that there was an opportunity for experienced trainers to support CSS in delivering their training around the country and I was later welcomed into the team. I’m looking forward to meeting other Christian groups in my area as I deliver more training with CSS.

David Harrison

Family dynamics Married to Hannah since 2016

Where in the country you are based? Leicester

How long you’ve been a Christian, what were your influencers etc? 

I've been a Christian from my late teenage years. I grew up attending church with my family and attended Christian youth groups and summer camps which had a positive influence on my faith.

Your role within your church I am currently attending Avenue Community Church in Leicester city. However, with the support of our church family we are moving to a council estate in the city with a view of starting a church on the estate

What you do/did in your professional life?  I am a registered learning disability and have been working in mental health services for the last 9 years. I am the manager of the outreach service, and an autism specialist nurse for CAMHS working with children and young people with autism and/or intellectual disability who present with behaviours of concern and are at risk of an inpatient admission to a mental health hospital.

Your area of expertise and knowledge/passionate areas?  I am passionate about supporting those who are vulnerable in society. I have a specialism in autism, intellectual disability, behaviours of concern and mental health. 

How you became involved in Christian Safeguarding Services? I have been involved with Christian Safeguarding Services from the early stages. 

Lauren Shuter

Family dynamics I have been married to my husband Mike for 8 years. 

Where in the country you are based? Hinckley Leicestershire

How long you’ve been a Christian, what were your influencers etc 

I feel very fortunate to have been brought up by Christian parents, so I have always known the Lord.  I became a Christian when I was about 4 years old, 25 years ago. 

Your role within your church I am the safeguarding officer for Living Rock Church and I have been their senior youth leader for 10 years. 

What you do/did in your professional life  I have worked for Leicestershire County Council for 6 years supporting vulnerable families in the Early Help Programme. I am an Intense Family Key Worker for the Children & Families Service in Leicestershire. My role is to improve the outcomes and life chances of children, young people and their families in Leicestershire by-

Delivering time-limited periods of support in family’s homes and in the community.

To create a plan of intervention for families experiencing a range of issues which impact on family function such as drug and alcohol misuse, domestic abuse, poor mental health, child neglect, housing issues and more.

Delivering group work such as parenting programmes and domestic abuse therapeutic support for adult victims and their children. 

My goal is to help families access universal provision to become more self-sufficient to decrease dependency on statutory services. 

Your subject area of expertise and knowledge/passionate areas  I am the domestic abuse champion for Leicestershire County Council. This role enables me to specialise in an area I am passionate about. I attend various training events regarding domestic abuse and disseminate my learning to my team. I am also the named person to give advice and support to those working with domestic abuse victims.

How you became involved in the CSS  I met Paul Harrison through the Leicestershire County Council.  He introduced me to CSS and I knew almost immediately I wanted to be apart of this service as it enables me to combine my passion to safeguard children and my passion to see God’s kingdom extended.

Juliet Martin

Family dynamics My parents informally fostered a number of children growing up. So for me, naming the biological siblings does injustice to the rest, who were equally treated as their own offspring. To date the only home they know as their home is our family home. (long story) In Scotland, I have lived next door to my younger sister with her family for 15 years. The children refer to their biological mother as their tummy mummy and I as their other mummy. They however understand that I'm their maternal aunt. 

Where in the country you are based? West Lothian , Scotland.

How long you’ve been a Christian, what were your influencers etc? 

I grew up in a Christian household and always saw myself as a Christian from a young age. In my secondary school I was so keen to become a nun that I spent sometime within the convent to learn about their life and hopefully join. In my senior six, the mother superior thought I would be of benefit to the community without the need to become a nun. You could call those my years of searching.

At university I was involved in a range of projects carried out by the charismatic movement and I think for me, this was the turning point in terms of my purpose and destiny. Shortly after completing University, I moved to the UK and I have been a member of Destiny Church, Edinburgh since 2003 serving in various capacities. In 2014, four of us came together to form what has come to be known as Made For His Praise(MFHP) a UK registered charity that has hugely impacted communities that we have engaged with. Whilst the main form of our work is extravagant praise and worship, we carry out social action work.

Your role within your church At Destiny Church, I have for the last few years served in the café. This suits me as my colleagues know I love talking and it has been an interesting area to serve because it is more than serving teas and coffee. I have served in other roles including leading a home group In MFHP, I serve in the worship team.

What you do/did in your professional life?  In Uganda, I was a secondary school teacher for two years. In Scotland, I have mainly worked in social services. For the last 12 years, I have worked as a social worker in Children and Families and have recently taken on a training role with some of the charities child safeguarding. Out with my paid role, I'm one of the founders and currently board for Passion4Fusion, a UK registered charity that supports BAME families in Edinburgh and the Lothian

I'm also the one of the founders for Greg Trust, a Uk registered charity that supports vulnerable families in Uganda. Using the model of the 'NO order principle or minimal intervention' children some of whom are orphaned are placed with relatives or appropriate adults with Greg Trust offers them support to ensure placement is maintained or sustained. Support is mainly in the form of tuition or our famous 'Kibbo' or Christmas hamper feeing hundreds of families each Christmas.

Your area of expertise and knowledge/passionate areas?  Empowering others to grow into their purpose and destiny. 

How you became involved in CSS? I had just delivered safeguarding training to an organisation and one of the people who attended saw CSS on Facebook and assumed I was aware or owned the organisation. Up until then, I had never heard of CSS. The person had kindly copied the link to my messenger. On clicking the link, it was answered prayer and I immediately contacted the organisation. Sue and Paul were impressively swift in their response and 'meeting them via zoom, gave me the reassurance and as they say, the rest has been history

"Integrity is not what I do but who I am"

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