Mental Health Awareness

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Mental Health Awareness Training

One full day 9:30 - 16:30pm

We all have mental health, the difficulty we have is talking about it when we have poor mental health. This course helps to break down the stigma around mental health.

Sue is a Mental Health First Aider and Trainer and accredited by Mental Health England. Combined with our knowledge and experience of supporting members in church we have put together a very interactive, informative training designed to support churches and church leaders.

It has been well researched that some, not all, mental health issues have their root in childhood. When children experience a traumatic event, if unsupported through the trauma, this can affect their mental health and lead to life long issues.

This course covers the topics below:

  • Understanding of Mental Health 
  • All eating disorders, self-harm, anxiety, depression suicide and psychosis 
  • Impact on an individual
  • Impact on the family
  • How the church is able to support.

Sue is an accredited and qualified trainer with Mental Health England. With her knowledge gained from delivering Mental Health First Aid, she has designed a course specifically for churches and charities.

Christian Safeguarding Services can bring to you a one day workshop around understanding mental health issues and how churches can support and signpost. Paul and Sue draw from their experience of pastorally and spiritually supporting those who have and are still struggling with a variety of mental health issues.

This mental heath awareness course is very well evaluated by others who have attended this course in the past.Its interactive, very engaging, as well as being reflective and the course supports church leaders and church members to understand mental health, how to respond, how to avoid unhelpful responses, and how to support practically and emotionally. So, for those who are in pastoral care roles within the church, we give consideration to their mental health too. The course is designed to help break down the stigma around mental health, discuss the issues that raise our anxieties in a safe and non judgemental environment . Price for delivery on application 

The cost of this course is different to the safeguarding courses. Please phone Sue Harrison for details on 0116 218 4717

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