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What are the benefits?

Christian Safeguarding Services is a fast growing organisation designed to support and advise churches and faith based charities both Biblically and legally with all their safeguarding needs. Helping churches and charities to exceed best practice. We will listen to your needs and advise you as to the membership level you need. For each church that will be different, no two church are the same. Its for churches to decide which level of membership is appropriate for them.

Any churches belonging to Affinity, AMiE, AoG, FIEC, EFCC, Evangelical Alliance qualify for a discount on their annual membership. Contact us for the discount code

Our approach is flexible, here how membership works

Bronze Membership - Free, just an email address needed.

  • Access to free resources on the website
  • Access to DBS registration
  • Advice & Support helpline

Silver Membership /£60/*£50 per year

  • Access to free resources on the website
  • Access to DBS registration
  • Advice & support helpline
  • Access to our premium resources

Gold Membership /£120/*£100 per year

  • Access to free resources on the website
  • Access to our premium resources
  • Access to the DBS registration
  • Advice & support helpline
  • Five DBS Checks processed excluding our administration fee (work £42.50)
  • 20% discount only any whole church or group training
  • 25% off the cost of a ticket at one of our training events
  • 20% off consultancy

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Our levels explained, how this works in practise

We operate on a pay-as-you go basis. When you subscribe to CSS you just access exactly what support you need at the time with your safeguarding needs.

A church or charity who just needs an annual review of their safeguarding policy and to update it, may want to take out a BRONZE level (free) only because they just need the policy framework.

However, a church plant in the process of setting up and perhaps going through charity registration will require more support than a church experienced with their safeguarding. New churches may find it helpful to take out either a silver (basic) or a gold (full) subscription.

We really make it as flexible for you as you need or want it to be.

Discounts on training and consultancy

A church wanting to access our training may want to take out GOLD level access to qualify for discounts on a suite of training for their church.


We want to help churches in the most cost effective way as possible without compromising on quality and the expertise that some churches need.

Quick access to expert advice

We will keep you informed about any updates and news around current safeguarding issues.

You have direct access to the person you need to speak with at CSS and access to our support and advice line.

*For Churches who are affiliated to AOG Affinity AMiE, FIEC, EFCC, Affinity or Evangelical Alliance please text 07921 816223 for your discount code for membership.

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